Replenish 22

Saturday 17th June 2022

We know this year hasn’t started as we all expected, this is why Replenish 2022 will look different to how it always has. We are breaking out of the mould and doing something new.

The theme for Replenish this year is ‘Closer’, and we have taken that literally. Like in your living room closer. DRUMROLL please… This year Replenish will be in your home, in your neighbourhood!

Throughout NZ, from Whangarei to Bluff, we will meet in homes, cafes and lounges simultaneously to watch the same powerful conference sessions.

Just think, so many Replenish parties happening all over Aotearoa.
He is closer than you can imagine. Closer than you can feel. Closer than the air you breathe. He is close.

It is almost unfathomable to comprehend isn’t it? That the God who created the wide expansive universe with all its grandeur and beauty longs to walk in intimacy with us. He longs to be close to us.

The invitation is set: “Draw near to me...” And His response is absolute “...and I will draw near to you.”

So the question is not will He come... But will we come? Will YOU come? 

This is your invitation. Replenish 2022. 
Replenish will take place on Saturday 17th June 2022‌ with you and 9 of your other gal pals.

It’s SUPER simple really.

Simply register at your local Church to become a host and then INVITE.Invite the Mum from kindy, your cousin, your usuals and maybe extend the invitation to your favourite barista too.

Your local Church will then be in contact  about when and where your personal Replenish Party will be - if it’s not at your place of course.

We will provide a box for each host containing all the party necessities for 10 ladies. Gifts, decorations, sweets, how-to guides and did we mention gifts?

We truly believe that life is meant to be journeyed together, through meaningful relationships, with a sisterhood to call your own and God to lead you.

Replenish 2022 will be an opportunity for you to take a step closer to Jesus, towards his plan and purpose for your life whilst sharing a good pot of tea with your sisters.

We love ya and will be in contact again really soon.

Sharon Ratnaraja & the Replenish Team.

Ready to get started?